Xiaoqiang Ji

Managing Director, ShoreVest Asset Solutions

Mr. Xiaoqiang Ji is the Beijing head of ShoreVest Asset Solutions or SAS (ShoreVest’s captive servicer platform, which manages the servicing of distressed assets for the ShoreVest funds across China) and is in charge of SAS’s deal sourcing and servicing in Northern China. Before joining SAS, Mr. Ji was a personal investor in alternative assets, and also the CEO of a joint venture company in partnership with one of China’s largest steel trading companies, Hangzhou Relian Group. Prior to that, Mr. Ji worked at a state-owned enterprise for 16 years and was responsible for the allocation and transport of all coal and oil used nationwide for power generation by state-owned power companies. The annual value of coal and oil he allocated was in excess of USD 150 billion. He is a seasoned businessman with many years of experience operating in China. Mr. Ji holds an EMBA from Tsinghua University and a BS from North China Electric Power University.